How to submit to OST Composing Jam

(OST Composing Jam uses to collect all submissions and ratings!)

If you're having trouble submitting/uploading your soundtrack to, here's a step-by-step walkthrough of how to! (Diagrams beside)

  1. Go to your Dashboard. (Make sure you are signed up and logged in to already)

  2. Click Create new project.

  3. Put only the name of your soundtrack/name of your game into the title field. (There is no need to put "#OSTCompJam" or "Lone Rabbit's OST Composing Jam" here!)

  4. Select "Soundtrack" in the classifications field.

  5. Upload your cover image (optional but recommended),

    • link to screen recording of your DAW on Youtube in the "Gameplay video or trailer" field, and/or

    • screenshots using the "Add Screenshots" button.

    • If you have a pdf of your score you can upload them using the "upload files" button below on the next step.

  6. Scroll down, upload your soundtracks using the "Upload Files" button.

    • .mp3, .wav and .flac is the preferred format. Please also provide a zipped file of all your tracks if you have a lot of them, it's easier for people to download and listen to!

    • Please also name your files properly! The filename should contain both your username and the name of the track. (Example: Lone Rabbit - Great Example.flac)

  7. Scroll down, click "Save & view page", make sure everything is correct, then go back to the "Edit project" page and check "Public" for Visibility & access. Click "Save".

  8. Go back to the jam page, click "Submit your project", choose the correct project you want to submit and fill in the details! (The submission page does not save your inputs until you click submit, please do not close the page until you are done!)

This process may take a long time, so make sure you leave a couple of minutes, if not hours to do this. Don't leave it till the last minute. If you still have a problem uploading and submitting to feel free to email us or ask in our Discord server.

Submitting as a team:

Only one person from your team needs to submit the project, then you can add them later in the edit project page -> More -> Admins -> add your teammate's username and them mark as contributor ^^

It will then show you an invite link which you can send to your teammates to add them as a project admin.