OST Composing Jam is an online music competition where musicians and composers all around the globe are challenged to compose an original soundtrack of any style for an imaginary game, in just a little over than a week, based on a given theme.

OST Composing Jam: PASTIME is a little different. Instead, participants are to compose a track based on existing music from their favorite video games!

The first ever OST Composing Jam was held on May 29th, 2021. Ever since then, the competition had been joined by hundreds of talented individuals worldwide and have helped many up-and-coming musicians and composers kickstart their musical career to another level.

What people have said...

Ian Martyn

I'm glad to see that there's a jam that focuses on music. Every time I make more tracks, I get better at doing what I'm doing, and I like that this jam and compilation album gives me an excuse to make more music.


Ok, like one month ago I found out these existed and it was one of the best discoveries I've ever had music-wise. I've always struggled with finishing and sharing things, and these kinds of events make everything possible for you to do exactly that. MAKE AND SHARE. It's invaluable. It even inspired me to make something similar weekly.

Creating, learning, meeting people, having fun. I don't know... thank you


[OST Composing Jam] has given me a reason to compose again. Thank you for hosting this Jam! I love being part of of a community that's driven by their passion. Being able to work on a really cool project, joining a cool community with the same interests, and getting a chance at being on an album! So exciting! :D

Have OST Composing Jam helped you in some way? (and how?)

I never thought I would be on the road to actually becoming a Video Game Composer. This has reinvigorated me into composing again. I had a long music hiatus before this, and this has given me the direction and drive I needed to return to what I love. Marrying my two favorite things, music and video games is like a dream come true.

S.W. Gauss

I love to make music, but almost all the time I don't find a motivation to finish my work or share it, and because if the people like my work, probably I will get fans that want to hear my music, it is a win/win (ah yes, and because due to the pandemic I have literally nothing to do apart from school and some housework, but this is a minor reason)

What do you enjoy most about OST Composing Jam?

EVERYTHING, but if you make me choose, I am going to say that I really enjoy the part when the people choose me number one and then I die of emotion...

ok now seriously I think the part enjoy most is to hear the other people work, it is always a very pleasant experience.

Have OST Composing Jam helped you in some way? (and how?)

YES OF COURSE, I learned to organize my time, and I learned how to use soundfonts, and I think I really get better at composing, also I'm learning how to work in important projects, thank you Conejo Solitario.